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Retool is a San Francisco based software platform provider in the low-code space. Their platform is built for mission-critical digital innovations, accelerating business for startups to Fortune 500s. The Retool platform provides building blocks that can be used to accelerate the development process while keeping all doors open to integrate with other (existing) technologies and incorporating (custom) specifics relevant to your organisation. It has been designed to operate in large and complex environments, meaning everything is scalable, traceable and adjustable over time. It adheres to today's security standards and operates in small and simple setups but also in highly demanding complex (Cloud) landscapes. The Retool team is dedicated and passionate about digital innovation so the platform is evolving fast...
TechRebels and Retool have joined forces to create value for clients, find more information here.

The Team

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Jesper Dolieslager


Erik Euwe


Erik Tieleman


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