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What we love

Learn fast

Innovation is about SPEED.... the one that is first to create something new has the competitive advantage. Not per definition the pioneers but the ones that consistently adapt quickest to new realities. Learning fast is the essence of adaption so this is at our core to help you innovate.

Be bold

People typically do not like change and tend to stay tuned with what they already know. TechRebels are taught to be bold where it is needed. Speak up to make your perspective clear. Speak up to address a concern. Speak up and you can change the world. Not by revolution but by evolution.

Be decisive

Many change and innovation programs get stuck on decisions. Decisions about something new are often exiting or even scary. We understand that decisions for tomorrow need to be taken today and today's decisions need to be adapted to tomorrow's reality. Right......still there.....?

Be passionate

Well.. first of all you need to care about something to be able to improve it. Change is not on the surface, it requires in depth analysis of current realities and opportunities. And yes secondly, you need to be passionate about ownership to make a change and make it last. Be the change, nobody will do it for you.

Win together

Winning together is the enabler of innovation. We need different perspectives in life to support different people with different challenges. It needs to come together and this works best when we serve everybody's interest. It is not about me, or you, it is about us.

Deliver awesome

Think about nature... it does not deliver a tree, it delivers the seed, soil and right circumstances so that a tree can live and grow. Delivering something new should start small so you can experiment and get feedback soonest. The days of waterfall are over, we are here to deliver awesome, each day, each week, each month....


About our company

The world is changing constantly, this is nothing new. But the speed of change is, driven by today's capabilities of different technologies. Disruption is just around the corner which creates substantial risks for existing companies and organisations. But also great opportunities... The ones being able to adapt to their outside dynamics get best chances for staying relevant or even in the lead. We do not believe that technology takes over but we do believe in the digital decade. A decade where we will see more change and more change impact to how we do business, how we work and how we live. People being impacted globally need to adapt someway somehow.

TechRebels are here for a reason. We are here to make things and make things happen. We help you innovate, digitize your business and build sustainable value and assets. This is not only for you as a company or an organisation but also for you personally, as a professional and an entrepreneur. We all need help to get used to the new new. With education, assessments and pathways to transform yourself and your business. Connect and help to support the movement for No Code and Citizen Development, it is here to stay.

Ready to increase your value?

We are always looking for highly motivated professionals with varying levels of experience. Your innovation starts when you get in touch with a TechRebel.

Solution Architect
Amsterdam / Full Time
Product Owner
Amsterdam / Full Time
Citizen Developer
Amsterdam / Full Time
No-Code Trainee
Amsterdam / Full Time
No-Code Developer - Frontend
Amsterdam / Full Time
Lead Developer - Backend
Amsterdam / Full Time

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