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Erik Euwe

TechRebels delivers quality. This is relevant for our services to clients but also our internal services. Therefore we are screened twice a year by certified institutions. Would you like to know more about this, just drop us an email.

  • NEN 4400-1 We are currently in the inspection process to fully comply with all obligations arising from the provision of labor, including a correct, timely declaration and payment of payroll taxes and sales tax, and the correct administration of employee files and identity documents.
  • SNA Statement of Registration TechRebels is in the process of inspection to fulfil the requirements for a SNA quality mark: we comply with our obligations from employment, including payroll taxes, turnover tax and payroll tax.
  • WKA statement We have a WKA statement that is updated quarterly. The Tax and Customs Administration hereby declares that we have paid our turnover and wage tax. Click here to view this statement.
  • G-Account We have a g-account. This way you are protected against the consequences of the WKA. 100% safe and 0% risk. Ideal! Click here to view the G-account agreement confirmation.

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