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Erik Euwe

Business competition is changing rapidly by the technological innovations we are seeing today. Artificial Intelligence opens up an enormous potential to optimize processes and how we interact with each other. For businesses, small and large, this creates large opportunities to further grow but it also enlarges the chances for disruption. It is all about speed and agility which forces us all into digital innovation whether we like it or not.

Digital Innovation is complex and managing outside dynamics becomes even more demanding. We can only achieve this by becoming an ace in innovation. Organisations need to adopt agile ways of working and they need sophisticated tools to support and drive their innovation teams. Making use of AI is a new discipline and only works when you consistently integrate it into existing business and IT landscapes. This requires not only solid foundations but also maximum flexibility to create all kinds of new digital applications and solutions that can be deployed fast.

Retool is a San Francisco based software platform provider in the low-code space. Their platform is built for mission-critical digital innovations, accelerating business for startups to Fortune 500s. The Retool platform provides building blocks that can be used to accelerate the development process while keeping all doors open to integrate with other (existing) technologies and incorporating (custom) specifics relevant to your organisation. It has been designed to operate in large and complex environments, meaning everything is scalable, traceable and adjustable over time. It adheres to today's security standards and operates in small and simple setups but also in highly demanding complex (Cloud) landscapes. The Retool team is dedicated and passionate about digital innovation so the platform is evolving fast.

TechRebels are always on the lookout for innovative technologies to support our clients. Our partnership with Retool strengthens our capabilities to develop digital solutions and AI driven innovation. Using a low-code approach, we know how to maximise collaboration between business and IT teams to secure value creation. We are exited to enrich organisations with digital solutions and helping teams to use the new technologies of AI and Retool. Our innovation and business experience is leveraged with Retool's software platform capabilities to build digital solutions to fuel competitive advantage. Making core processes more manageable and unique at the same time.

TechRebels are proud to be part of the global Retool partner landscape and our purpose is to help enterprises become more innovative through the adoption of Retool and AI. We support you within each maturity phase and help you to scale innovation widely. Upon your needs we can take different roles to lead or support your team, as Digital Strategist, Product Owner, AI Architect, Analytics Expert, Developer and Business Analysts. Take action today and let us put all pieces together to start your Digital Innovation journey.

We work in various ways to support our customers. Although this is always flexible, our support is always based on delivering specific skills and capacity that is needed to make your project a success. Below you find an overview of the different ways we can cooperate with you.


From idea to plan

Digital Innovation Assessment

Expert assessment of your current situation, requirements and potential for innovation, including a ballpark estimate. Together with your team, we walk through our 9 step methodology for Rapid Solution Development to analyse your request and determine the way this can be developed or implemented.

Digital Innovation Assessment Workshop

Extended expert assessment including more detailed requirement analysis and solution designs, including an estimate for each component of the solution. Together with your team, we walk through our 9 step methodology for Rapid Solution Development to analyse the required architecture and development journey. Based on the findings we make an implementation plan proposal.


From plan to minimal viable solution

Project support and coaching

For new development projects we focus on delivering a minimal viable solution which is basically the first go-live of the solution. Our team does this by following our Rapid Solution Development methodology in a strict way. We deliver development execution for your sprints and we guide your team to deliver the minimal viable solution. For self sufficient teams we deliver coaching for a specific amount of hours per week (2, 4, 8).


From sprint to increment


Most common approach is running Agile sprints to deliver solutions or solution increments. Together with your team we do sprint refinements to scope each sprint and make specific agreements when and how certain user stories or tasks will be delivered. This can be done to innovate something completely new or improve existing solutions and applications. Development can be done by your own team members, our team members or a combination of the two.


Keep you running


Once solutions go live you need a premium service to keep everything running. This includes monitoring services to secure your processes are running as they should, solve specific business or technical issues that come up, execute on maintenance and upgrade tasks and whatever else is needed to keep you running at all times. Premium service is agreed upfront based on a specific number of hours per month.

Ready to integrate AI in your solution landscape?

Your business value increases instantly by adoption of AI integration in your business applications.

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