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Since its foundation in 2003, Previcus Vastgoed has specialized in valuations and procedures in the context of the WOZ Act. We have been reducing WOZ values for our customers for years, and the associated taxes.

Because they were the first to start with this form of service years ago, they have a tried and tested and further developed working method with which we they active nationwide. In this way they can optimally serve every entrepreneur, investor or housing association. Besides being on top of the developments in the WOZ Act, they are responsible for a considerable part of the groundbreaking jurisprudence within their field.

Their appraisers, consultants and lawyers have the right knowledge, so that they can always give your object a correct value. Valuing real estate requires the necessary specialist knowledge. They therefore think it is important to invest in the training and specialization of their professionals.

In this context we worked together with the Previcus team to create an application supporting different areas of their WOZ process. We delivered the application, using our Rapid Solution Development methodology with a go-live in February 2023. The process consolidates different information sources (such as CRM, Google and Funda data) and supports the workflow steps. Different documents are created and send to the variuous stakeholders of the WOZ process.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Darren Timmerman

No-code Developer

Robbert-Jan de Jong

Project Manager / Developer

Renzo Westenbroek

No-code Developer

Selina Mooij


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