Quality inspection application for Danieli Corus

Danieli Corus is a leading technology supplier for the liquid phase of integrated steelmaking. They are committed to your success and embrace your targets as their own.

You can reach Danieli Corus day and night, they are dedicated to their work in the global steel industry. They are passionate about our jobs. Danieli Corus are ready to take up any challenge and will do everything in their ability to solve your problems. They are creative. Danieli Corus aspire to be good guests in your country and they have the ability to work in any culture around the globe. They are adaptable.

TechRebels supports the Danieli Corus team with their internal application to keep them running. The inspection for the cooling plates that need to be placed in the ovens is done in the app. Upon arrival the inspections are carried out. The plates are physically checked by various people before they can be transported to the Netherlands. The inspection contains various checks to determine whether certain dimensions are within the minimum and maximum bandwidths. This way the quality of the production process can be secured pro-actively.

The Team

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Kayle Bovijn

Project Manager / Developer

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