PRICE application Ortessa and Van Kaathoven

With the waste industry as its cradle, Ortessa prefers to work according to the principles of co-creation. Subsidiaries Rondo, Van Kaathoven, Veyzle and Valor control the links of waste management, collection and processing like no other and prove the power of smart partnering every day. No one can tackle the raw materials issue alone. They therefore advocate new partnerships and cross-chain collaborations.

Depending on the issue, they strengthen their clients individually or together with partners. They have ambition, but are not dreamers. Realistic, pragmatic and results-oriented. This leads to innovative, fresh and fruitful collaborations that help their clients deal with their challenges responsibly - also financially.

We have all seen and felt that prices are dynamic these days. This results into lots of update activities within and outside organisations to adjust to the new situation. TechRebels has developed the PRICE application for Ortessa. This application supports the periodic price changes for different customer groups and services with configurable re-pricing algorithms. The application integrates with the ERP system to get all necessary client, product and volume data so that the price changes can be prepared. Once segregated with different price update calculations, the application recalculates the new situation and analyses the revenue impact based on volumes from the past. The workflow process is divided into different steps where different persons/departments get notified when their actions are due, this way collaboration has been improved and the total lead time decreased. The application is also delivering the different outputs and reports which improves the quality and added value to their customers.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Kayle Bovijn

Project Manager / Developer

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