Invoicing application Ivy Global

Ivy Global started five years ago. They had been working on innovation in the port area and industry for a long time. New knowledge had to be brought in, but it didn't work out. Everyone was of good will, but the real power was lacking. When it's actually that simple. They then started DOING what they had already envisioned. Now they have grown into a company that has more than 100 people at work every day.

TechRebels supported IvyGlobal with their application development and resolving specific issues. This year we are designing and developing an automatic invoicing process that generates invoices based on timesheets and approval, both for standard invoices and for incidentals. Automation of the invoicing process reduces the manual workload and prevent errors and rework.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Chantalle Brandenburg

No-code Developer

Kevin Hoekman

Lead Developer

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