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Meijers Insurance does business from the heart. They are originally a family business, founded in 1973 by Jaap and Tineke Meijers. In the meantime, they have grown into a professional company with more than 300 people and the family is still actively involved. Generational thinking is anchored in their genes. Service orientation, involvement, determination and ambitionis what Meijers characterizes. They are building the future, the long term. For their customers, for society and for themselves.

TechRebels has led Meijers to create a first innovation success with No-code and Citizen Development. We used our Rapid Solution Development methodology to design a workflow process where information and documents are collected to fill in an insurance quotation request. With Betty Blocks we have build a generic platform that can be used for different insurance products such as fire, liability or transportation. The status based workflow process consists of a number of process steps including different forms that support the specific information requests. Requested data which is already available in various sources are automatically integrated. First go-live is for fire insurance so we say goodbye to manual iterations to get information complete, paper based forms and email based control of the process. We welcome automatic APIs to share our existing data internally and with our partners, we welcome a status based workflow with noticifications to improve the lead-time of the process and eliminate rework and errors due to manual handling. Based on the modular design and the No-code platform features, the team will be able to continue with the next insurance where TechRebels will support the team how to practise Citizen Development.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Erik Euwe


Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Kayle Bovijn

Project Manager / Developer

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