High traffic platforms with Google Cloud

Google Cloud has become the standard for new and innovative organisations. Digital Solutions are disrupting traditional businesses and organisations and competitive strength is build in the digital domain. This is a train that will never stop and only seems to accelerate so TechRebels jumped on it...

Dive into the world of high traffic web applications. Our client creates platforms for their B2B clients which are globally used by millions of unique visitors every day. They are active in more than 30 different countries on most of the world’s continents. Running high performance digital platforms globally is not an easy thing. The challenge is to design and develop digital solutions in such a way that they are fully scalable, affordable, maintainable and extendible. Only this makes them future proof so that further growth can be realised. We are leading the development team to transform their current IT landscape into a future proof landscape. This is needed to stay ahead of the competition but also to make different innovation initiatives possible.

The Team

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Jesper Dolieslager


Erik Euwe


Erik Tieleman


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