Hackathon Dukers & Baelemans

Dukers & Baelemans helps financial professionals in a changing environment by giving them control over their career path. Take the steps that suit you, are good for your development and take you forward. Then you are in control and you get the best out of yourself and your future!

A hackathon is an excellent way to get experience with No-code technologies. TechRebels fuelled the hackathon with their Rapid Solution Development methodology and getting hands-on experience with Citizen Development. This not only delivered a minimal viable solution but also provided Dukers & Baerlemans with the experience of Citizen Development. Both combined shapes the decision to move on with No-code technologies and how to implement Citizen Development within the wider organisation.

Within a 2 weeks sprint TechRebels delivered their template application including a working process for registration of professionals, their organisations and qualifications, a reservation and invitation process for the required education and exams, the integration with other source systems and portals for process control and reports. The system has been set up according to the latest security controls, is multi-lingual and includes documentation and monitoring. In order to help the team to started with No-code, we included two days of training so they could enjoy hands-on experience during the hackathon.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Erik Euwe


Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Kayle Bovijn

Project Manager / Developer

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