Factoring application for Degio

Degio B.V. was founded in 2020 to provide the platform economy in the labor market with liquidity. The growing digitization of the labor market creates new opportunities and we offer smart solutions.\n\nBy linking our factoring facilities directly to these platforms, the payment of invoices is seamlessly and quickly coordinated.\n\nFor example, we provide a powerful tool to support the explosively growing platforms throughout the debtor process, but we also offer users the option to opt for factoring after each order so that payment of the pre-approved invoices is carried out within 24 hours on working days. .\n\nThanks to our gatekeeper function, careful financial screening and strict acceptance conditions, you keep the risks under control and we intervene in time if payments are not made.

Degio uses an application to support their factoring processes from the intake of invoices to the payments. TechRebels supports Degio with specific enhancements of their factoring application and the resolution of specific issues.

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