eCommerce platform for Leoprinting

Leoprinting. Started with the idea to help companies with valuable promotion, now located in 7 countries throughout Europe. Leoprinting aims to communicate their brand, product or message efficiently in the market. This is to build and strengthen relationships.

From standard give-aways to luxury products, fully customized, always provided with a company logo, appropriate message or designed in your house style. The Leoprinting range has now expanded to be able to offer a total package and to continue to guarantee companies great visibility over the years.

For Leoprinting we are investigating how to most effectively and most secure their current eCommerce platform can be replaced with a future proof one. We use our Rapid Solution Development methodology to work out the future vision, what value can be created with additional developments and how we can best migrate without affecting operations in 7 countries.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Erik Euwe


Tim Dekker

Product Owner

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