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Deloitte is a professional services company with 244,000 employees worldwide and offices in more than 150 countries. With more than 5,500 employees and 14 offices throughout the Netherlands, Deloitte is one of the largest providers of professional services in the field of accountancy, tax advice, consultancy, risk advice and financial advice. The professionals work in multidisciplinary teams and therefore have a very broad vision of the issues of our customers.

Deloitte is the reliable and innovative partner that now gives you insight into the opportunities of your future business. Due to the emergence and exponential growth of new technologies, the world will change radically in the coming years. No company or organization can avoid the consequences of far-reaching digitization and computerization. Deloitte knows the challenges in your industry and translates market problems of the future into creative and innovative solutions.

To help Deloitte out, we filled the frontend position for the technical side of the application team they had. We did this during a period of 3 months. In that short period of time, it was important to lay out a clear structure in the architecture of the components where the rest of the future developments within the Betty Blocks platform could be build on. This resulted in a Design System developed in React and Storybook.

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Mitchell Tieleman


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A design system keeps all your initiatives consistent and developments are re-using the same design assets.

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