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Alice IOT is a unique, provider agnostic, digital platform that connects the value adding participants in any transit chain. Born in the cloud, the Alice IOT platform seamlessly connects transit parties and delivers a single source of connected transit data. This data can be enriched, shared and utilised for flexible, intelligent parcel routing, tracking, import, export, delivery and performance monitoring.

TechRebels have delivered an MVP for a courier based airfreight data application and reporting platform. The project has been delivered with Rapid Application Developments using Betty Blocks' No Code Development platform. The delivery lead-time was roughly 10 weeks with limited detailed design input, a real cooperative development project. The platform was build on it's four essential pillars, Data ingestion, Messaging, Milestones and Reporting. It has been demonstrated to the stakeholders and investors and is the basis for further expansion of functionalities and deployment to global stakeholders.

The Team

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Jesper Dolieslager


Erik Tieleman


Erik Euwe


Mitchell Tieleman


Daan van der Burgt


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