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Every year, eX:plain guarantees the content and organization of approximately 400,000 exams. They sit down with companies, sectors and educational organizations to determine what the labor market needs and how education can respond to this. They establish and examine that standard. With their practice-oriented, multimedia learning resources they help people to develop within the business and education sector.

TechRebels supports eX:plain to continuously develop their application used by their customers. Each quarter Explain runs approximately 3 sprints to develop their application and we support them with development, testing and solving specific issues. Their application is used by many organisations that need education, certificates and entrance to specific construction sites throughout the Netherlands.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Chantalle Brandenburg

No-code Developer

Maarten van Wersch

No-code Developer

Kevin Hoekman

Lead Developer

Renzo Westenbroek

No-code Developer

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