Circular waste supply chain application Rondo

Rondo is an independent specialist that support companies already for 20 years to make their raw materials and waste supply chains more transparent, smart and sustainable. Together with you we make the world sustainable, that's what we strive for!

Rondo Waste Management 2.0. That is the vison of the management. Not just growth but growth through sustainable innovation. Circularity within the waste process in which waste materials for one organisation become raw materials for another. Creating value by supporting waste supply chains and connecting them via Rondo's Waste Management application. TechRebels likes sustainability, changing the world for the better. Together with QVS Consulting we support Rondo building their 2.0 application having similar components from QVS's GreenIntelli Sustainability platform.

The Team

Meet our trusted professionals

Erik Euwe


Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Kevin Hoekman

Lead Developer

Renzo Westenbroek

No-code Developer

Robbert-Jan de Jong

Project Manager / Developer

Selina Mooij


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