Digital Resource Mastery

Joris Biersteker

We are seeing scarcity on the IT market already for years. The need for IT skills combined with experience to deliver is in high demand and is only growing. Unfortunately this is a global trend so in every market the scarcity of IT teams is increasing. More and more organisations are acknowledging the need to invest in digitalisation to remain relevant in their market which is accelerating the shortage of personnel with the right digital skills. Due to covid there has been another effect. We all have made a considerable step forward experiencing that remote work and de-centralized teams can be just as effective as our traditional ways of organising project teams.

TechRebels experience with global programs is very extensive and therefore our approach has always been fully digital and remote. Of course it has added value to shake hands and be in the same room together for certain occasions but in general we find the digital tools fully effective for delivering IT solutions and software development. Therefore we invested in our global network to be able to quickly assemble the right professionals with the appropriate skills for the project. We do this by assessing not only technical skills but we assess the chances of optimal collaboration based on personal profiles and team profiles.

We can deliver resources based on fixed fees and we can also help with filling individual requests. We deliver project managers and scrum masters, product owners and no-code developers, data engineers, test engineers and automation engineers, front-end, back-end and mobile developers. Our resources can work with different languages and frameworks such as Angular, React, PHP, Python, .Net and they have the right innovative mindset and IT skillset to deliver. We support them where needed with methods, tools, guidance and personal development.


Digital Resource Mastery

Goal Clarity

Get clarity on the vision and objectives of the current initiatives, agree upon critical success factors and ensure organizational alignment

Team Flow

Understand team needs, determine team responsibilities and skills, understand team member and team profiles and gather specific matching criteria

Role Identification

Determine maturity levels and budget ranges, define qualifications and disqualifications and take into account matching criteria based on team needs

Candidate Discovery

Receive possible candidates, conduct primary screening together and shortlist based on matching criteria

Candidate Validation

Conduct interviews and assess team fit, technical and soft skills, validate the candidates and confirm suitability

Contract Simplicity

Receive simplified contract agreement, agree specifics, finalise the contract and get stakeholder approval

Seamless Onboarding

Develop comprehensive onboarding plan and assign onboarding buddy, onboard resources by providing tools, ways of working and best practices

Resource Monitoring

Analyze team member progress against planning, onsite team member monitoring and peer review and organize periodic evaluations

Continuous Improvement

Implement periodic team evaluations and reviews, agree upon improvement actions and continuous onsite coaching

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