The ChangeMaker

Michelle Booysen

We are always amazed by the low success statistics for digital or business transformations. The reasons behind are always the same, lack of ownership from management, lack of skilled and freed up resources and unsuccessful change management. Bringing change to organisations or even to a single person is hard but we seem to keep forgetting this. Every new project or programme includes high ambitions for change but often this is not delivered during execution.

Innovation and Agility is all about change. The question is not whether we want to change, the question is how do we get skilled bringing change to our team, our organisation or even to our own desk. The ability to change is a discipline that organisations need when they want to be innovative and agile. With having this in mind The ChangeMaker℠ methodology has been developed.

The ChangeMaker℠ is a unique strategic change methodology for transformations or change programmes that delivers a minimum of 30% ROI without wasting time or creating additional complexity. It consists of 9 steps that take you on the change journey to deliver results, this often can be completed within 90 days lead-time. The ChangeMaker℠ is for you if you are experiencing: - Lack of team capacity to deliver outcomes - Capability gaps - A range of projects & activities, each carrying cost, of which the status is unclear - Innovation is needed but not clear where, how & what - Deadlines, results and outcomes are missed.

We work together with the talented Michelle Booysen, CEO Petanquenxt, to deliver the resources to make it happen for your organisation. We start with the strategic part to understand your vision, objectives and identity in the market. When this is crystal clear we start planning the journey to the To Be situation. This includes all changes that need to be made to support the new vision, strategy and specific objectives. To effectively roll out change, our proven business X-ray system, the Positioning Map, provides a single view of the processes, people, and systems that drive the business. The last three steps is all about securing successes during the execution of the implementation.


Bringing succes and ROI to your transformations


In visioning, the unique Business Destination Map® interactively details the ‘to be’, the ‘as is’ and the actions needed to bridge the gap.


Our unique Objective Setting process ensures the clear definition of measurable objectives that deliver what the goal and vision statements require.


With the future view clearly defined, we move into analytics, using the business model canvas, PESTEL, SWOT, and business maturity to create a 360˚view of ‘what is' and ‘what should be’.


We get traction by defining the tasks that must deliver the ‘to be’ of your enterprise. Here we define the activities needed to reach the destination, those ‘extra’ focus areas to elevate the business to its goal, vision, and purpose.

Business X-ray

To effectively roll out change, our proven business X-ray system, the Positioning Map, provides a single view of the processes, people, and systems that drive the business. This ‘X-ray’ provides for instant analysis and identification of processes that could deliver results at an accelerated rate, providing for that ROI within weeks.

Change plan

The Change plan defines the processes of the organisation in the to-be situation, links them to desired changes and accountable persons. For each change the incorporation in the Strategy and Objectives is checked. Results are planned based on the implementation timelines.


The aim is to gain traction and attain clarity for all who are involved. The process approach is the most effective way in which to define what is, what should be, who does what, and what the change means for roles, responsibilities, systems and outcomes.


For each of the elements in your strategy, we create the tasks and assign the resources to deliver the results. We build change communication and engagement into your project plan and we implement the project using the common stages of conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close. On budget and on time.

Continuous improvement

In the last part of the ChangeMaker methodology, you need an effective dashboard or navigation system that provides forward and backward-looking information with which to manage the route to achieving milestones, delivering results, and achieving the goal, which is part and parcel of ROI measurement. The information needed to measure with is defined in each process and used for KPI and OKR dashboards.

Ready to take your organisation on a journey towards Change and Innovation?

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