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TechRebels are skilled professionals leading and supporting digital innovation. We represent different roles, Product owners, Solution Architects, Developers, Pro Coders, Business Analysts, Designers, Consultants and other professionals, all active in digital innovation. We provide personalised pathways of assessments, methodologies, tools, education and training. We deliver on innovation with education, software development and implementation for all organisations that are on a journey of digital innovation and digital transformation.

Our vision

All organizations become digital first, innovation is the new competitive advantage. Pioneering the latest technologies, we design and implement your future solutions. We deliver on future promises by a combination of technical talent and rebellious mindsets.

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This is who we are

We are a diverse group of experienced tech and business professionals who excel by putting humans upfront to drive digital innovation. We like cool stuff and love to create on the basis of technological leadership with an organizational focus on speed, agility and simplicity. We are here to make things and make things happen.

This is what we do

Creating solutions for organizations to support their core competences. Applications and information technology that make the difference, increasing competitive advantage. Business design, front and back end business applications and AI solutions. Just let us know your biggest challenges and we are activated.

This is where we are going

We believe that organizations gain market leadership by leading in technology and innovation. Technological pioneering, strongly supported by management, can create the solutions of tomorrow that are crucial for gaining market leadership. With the right mindset and competences, innovation becomes a core skill for us all.

This is what we can do for you

Helping organizations to deliver upon innovative solutions by establishing a multi-disciplinary team that is passionate. And, or, developing specific prototypes or future business applications for organizations with our team. Provide us with your biggest challenges and we co-create and cooperate with your team to deliver.

We work in various ways to support our customers. Although this is always flexible, our support is always based on delivering specific skills and capacity that is needed to make your project a success. Below you find an overview of the different ways we can cooperate with you.


From idea to plan

Digital Innovation Assessment

Expert assessment of your current situation, requirements and potential for innovation, including a ballpark estimate. Together with your team, we walk through our 9 step methodology for Rapid Solution Development to analyse your request and determine the way this can be developed or implemented.

Digital Innovation Assessment Workshop

Extended expert assessment including more detailed requirement analysis and solution designs, including an estimate for each component of the solution. Together with your team, we walk through our 9 step methodology for Rapid Solution Development to analyse the required architecture and development journey. Based on the findings we make an implementation plan proposal.


From plan to minimal viable solution

Project support and coaching

For new development projects we focus on delivering a minimal viable solution which is basically the first go-live of the solution. Our team does this by following our Rapid Solution Development methodology in a strict way. We deliver development execution for your sprints and we guide your team to deliver the minimal viable solution. For self sufficient teams we deliver coaching for a specific amount of hours per week (2, 4, 8).


From sprint to increment


Most common approach is running Agile sprints to deliver solutions or solution increments. Together with your team we do sprint refinements to scope each sprint and make specific agreements when and how certain user stories or tasks will be delivered. This can be done to innovate something completely new or improve existing solutions and applications. Development can be done by your own team members, our team members or a combination of the two.


Keep you running


Once solutions go live you need a premium service to keep everything running. This includes monitoring services to secure your processes are running as they should, solve specific business or technical issues that come up, execute on maintenance and upgrade tasks and whatever else is needed to keep you running at all times. Premium service is agreed upfront based on a specific number of hours per month.


Digital Innovation

Clarity on vision and goals

Whenever you are planning for a change or innovation... you need TechRebels to take you towards a path of Clarity for all your teammembers.

Digital transformation roadmap

Whenever you need support to understand and explore future technologies and what it can do for your organisation.. let a TechRebel guide you through the Digital landscape.

The ChangeMaker

Whenever you are struggling to get success and results within your (digital) transformation... you need TechRebels to take you along on the journey towards change and innovation.

Digital Innovation Accelerator

Whenever you think innovation and application development is hard and costly.. you clearly have not experienced TechRebels speed and quality for solution development.

Digital Resource Mastery

Whenever you experience delays in your digital projects due to scarcity of crucial resources... you need TechRebels to assemble a digital team to deliver upon your projects.

Citizen development and embedding

Whenever you need management and guidance for your Citizen Development team, alignment of your organisation and ways of working... you need a TechRebel for results and embedding.

Intelligent automation and engagement

Whenever you are getting tired trying to adapt to everything else... let a TechRebels work with you to find out what you can do to become a digital first organisation.

RISE with SAP and SAP Build

Whenever you are planning for a Digital Transformation or a Cloud migration... you need TechRebels to take you along on the journey towards process excellence and innovation.

USoft digital innovation partner

With TechRebels and USoft you master your complexity and stay ahead of the competition.

Master complexity with USOFT platform

Retool AI driven innovation partner

With TechRebels and Retool you unleash AI driven digital innovation.

AI driven innovation with Retool

Google Cloud and AI Partner

With TechRebels and Google Cloud you develop todays solutions, to enable the full AI innovation capacity for your organization.

High traffic platforms with Google Cloud

Selected as Excellent Certified Partner

With TechRebels and Betty Blocks you align business and IT perfectly, to enable the full innovation capacity of your organization.

Supporting Betty Blocks

Our team

Trust the professionals

Erik Euwe


Jesper Dolieslager


Erik Tieleman


Eric van Antwerpen


Roelant Muller

Solution Architect

Michelle Booysen


Tim Dekker

Product Owner

Sebastiaan Krijnsen


Mitchel Koertsmeijer

Project Manager

Kevin Hoekman

Lead Developer

Renzo Westenbroek

No-code Developer

Selina Mooij


Robbert-Jan de Jong

Project Manager / Developer

Darren Timmerman

No-code Developer

Daniel Moes

No-code Developer

Imro Breur

No-code Developer

Maarten Buis

No-code Developer

Kayle Bovijn

Project Manager / Developer

Angelo Bendrot


Thierry Vendelbos

Innovation Accelerator Trainee

Martijn Mulder

Artificial Intelligence Trainee

Lisa Tieleman

Digital Marketer

Joris Biersteker

Business Development

Vivian Euwe

Finance & HR

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Lead Developer - Backend
Amsterdam / Full Time
Product Owner
Amsterdam / Full Time
Solution Architect
Amsterdam / Full Time
No-Code Developer - Frontend
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Citizen Developer
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No-Code Trainee
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